How to prepare for your final exams!!!

Exam time is probably the most stressful time for a college or high school student. The most important thing any student can do to prepare for exam is to start early. Even if you got A’s this way, it’s not going to work very often with course materials. Subject yourself to the information as much as possible. The more you do this the more second nature the info will be to you.Be sure you are memorizing and comprehending the information you are studying. Often, in college exams especially, you are tested on understanding not memorization skills.
Start preparing for the next test the day after you take the prior one. Daily preparation is crucial. At a minimum, review material once every week between exams. Group work can be a great study tool, but it is also easy to get off topic. This will result in wasted study time. Do not wait until the last minute to cram all of the information. Unless you have a photographic memory you will not retain the information .In some cases homework problems will require this much effort.Be sure to leave time for group study or review sessions. Also break up the material in to parts and cover a little each day.

Other tips:
Flashcards – help to memorize facts NOT understanding
Groups – good to work through difficult material, quiz each other for understanding
Review sessions – only go to early ones, last minute reviews sometimes cause needless confusion


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